Normative values for carotid intima media thickness and its progression: Are they transferrable outside of their cohort of origin?

Liao X, Norata GD, Polak JF, Stehouwer CD, Catapano A, Rundek T, Ezhov M, Sander D, Thompson SG, Lorenz MW; PROG-IMT study group, Balakhonova T, Safarova M, Grigore L, Empana JP, Lin HJ, McLachlan S, Bokemark L, Ronkainen K, Schminke U, Lind L, Willeit P, Yanez DN, Steinmetz H, Poppert H, Desvarieux M, Ikram MA, Johnsen SH, Iglseder B, Friera A, Xie W, Plichart M, Su TC, Srinivasan SR, Schmidt C, Tuomainen TP, Völzke H, Nijpels G, Willeit J, Franco OH, Suarez C, Zhao D, Ducimetiere P, Chien KL, Robertson C, Bergström G, Kauhanen J, Dörr M, Dekker JM, Kiechl S, Sitzer M, Bickel H, Sacco RL, Hofman A, Mathiesen EB, Gabriel R, Liu J, Berenson G, Kavousi M, Price JF.

Eur J Prev Cardiol 2016 [Epub ahead of print]



Inflammatory markers and extent and progression of early atherosclerosis: Meta-analysis of individual-participant-data from 20 prospective studies of the PROG-IMT collaboration.

Willeit P, Thompson SG, Agewall S, Bergström G, Bickel H, Catapano AL, Chien KL, de Groot E, Empana JP, Etgen T, Franco OH, Iglseder B, Johnsen SH, Kavousi M, Lind L, Liu J, Mathiesen EB, Norata GD, Olsen MH, Papagianni A, Poppert H, Price JF, Sacco RL, Yanez DN, Zhao D, Schminke U, Bülbül A, Polak JF, Sitzer M, Hofman A, Grigore L, Dörr M, Su TC, Ducimetière P, Xie W, Ronkainen K, Kiechl S, Rundek T, Robertson C, Fagerberg B, Bokemark L, Steinmetz H, Arfan Ikram M, Völzke H, Lin HJ, Plichart M, Tuomainen TP, Desvarieux M, McLachlan S, Schmidt C, Kauhanen J, Willeit J, Lorenz MW, Sander D; for the PROG-IMT study group.

Eur J Prev Cardiol 2016;23:194-205.



Carotid Intima Media Thickness progression and risk of vascular events in people with diabetes mellitus- results from the PROG-IMT collaboration.

Lorenz MW, Price JF, Robertson C, Bots ML, Polak JF, Poppert H, Kavousi M, Dörr M, Stensland E, Ducimetiere P, Ronkainen K, Kiechl S, Sitzer M, Rundek T, Lind L, Liu J, Bergström G, Grigore L, Bokemark L, Friera A, Yanez D, Bickel H, Ikram MA, Völzke H, Johnsen SH, Empana JP, Tuomainen T-P, Willeit P, Steinmetz H, Desvarieux M, Xie W, Schmidt C, Norata GD, Suarez C, Sander D, Hofman A, Schminke U, Mathiesen E, Plichart M, Kauhanen J, Willeit J, Sacco RL, McLachlan S, Zhao D, Fagerberg B, Catapano AL, Gabriel R, Franco OH, Bülbül A, Scheckenbach F, Pflug A, Gao L, Thompson SG.

Diabetes Care 2015;38:1921-9.



Multiple imputation for handling systematically missing confounders in meta-analysis of individual participant data.

Resche-Rigon M, White IR, Bartlett JW, Peters SA, Thompson SG; PROG-IMT Study Group.

Stat Med 2013;32:4890-905.



Carotid intima-media thickness progression to predict cardiovascular events in the general population (the PROG-IMT collaborative project): a meta-analysis of individual participant data.

Lorenz MW, Polak JF, Kavousi M, Mathiesen EB, Völzke H, Tuomainen TP, Sander D, Plichart M, Catapano AL, Robertson CM, Kiechl S, Rundek T, Desvarieux M, Lind L, Schmid C, Dasmahapatra P, Gao L, Ziegelbauer K, Bots ML, Thompson SG; on behalf of the PROG-IMT Study Group.

Collaborators: Yanez D, Witteman J, Johnsen SH, Sitzer M, Dörr M, Kauhanen J, Poppert H, Empana JP, Norata GD, Price J, Willeit J, Juraska M, Bokemark L, Srinivasan SR, Breteler M, Steinmetz H, Stensland E, Schminke U, Ronkainen K, Bickel H, Ducimetiere P, Grigore L, Fowkes G, Sacco RL, Agewall S, Berenson GS, Fagerberg B, Hofman A.

Lancet 2012;379:2053-62.

PubMed  PDF  Supplement


Individual progression of carotid intima media thickness as a surrogate for vascular risk (PROG-IMT): Rationale and design of a meta-analysis project.

Lorenz MW, Bickel H, Bots ML, Breteler MM, Catapano AL, Desvarieux M, Hedblad B, Iglseder B, Johnsen SH, Juraska M, Kiechl S, Mathiesen EB, Norata GD, Grigore L, Polak J, Poppert H, Rosvall M, Rundek T, Sacco RL, Sander D, Sitzer M, Steinmetz H, Stensland E, Willeit J, Witteman J, Yanez D, Thompson SG; PROG-IMT Study Group.

Am Heart J 2010 May;159(5):730-736.e2.


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