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The PROG-IMT project is an international consortium of scientists that share their datasets to contribute to a large meta-analysis based on individual subject data. To date, the cooperation comprises scientists from 18 countries in Europe, America and Asia. The list of Study Group members can be found below. Membership in our Study Group is secured with cooperation within the PROG-IMT project, usually including the contribution of a dataset that will be included in the meta-analyses. Data distribution policy and author rights are fixed in project guidelines that have been agreed by all Study Group members. If your are interested in joining the Study Group, please read on.

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Study Group Members

--> general population cohorts

--> risk cohorts

--> clinical trials in risk groups (RCTs)

Consulting Members

Michiel Bots; MD, PhD, Prof. (EMC Rotterdam)
Simon Thompson; DSc, Prof. (MRC Cambridge)

Statistic Center

Lu Gao (MRC Cambridge)
Simon Thompson; DSc, Prof. (MRC Cambridge)

Principal Investigator

Matthias W. Lorenz; MD, PD (CAPS)

Coordination Center

David Ghane; BSc

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